My love for postcards and vintage ephemera…

I confess that I have an obsession with postcards. Over the years, I have collected some of the most beautiful vintage French postcards. Many of them I digitally enhance and sell as downloads on Dusty Doily, so others can use them in their crafts and artwork.

I also enjoy collecting current cards from all over the world. I have received some very unique art cards and cards from places I know I will never have the chance to visit, by joining Postcrossing and Swap Bot .

I scour antique stores for little bits of the past, and purchase odd little things like old S&H Green Stamps, old report cards and receipts, scrapbooks from people I have never met, photos of old movie stars, and anything that strikes an interest in me. I store these all in a nice little box, but recently started a Smash Book to put them in, so it is easier to look at.

Below is a photo of the inside of the oldest book I own – 172 years old.

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