Starting Anew…

This is my first post on this website, and I thank you for stopping by. I have a lot of different things going on in my life that I would like to share with the world. So, here I am!

I have been a lover of photography for many years, and in 2011, I started exhibiting my items in a local gallery and entering any photography show I could find. Through this, I have met some of the most amazing artists and people. The artistic community is unique and so very open to new ideas. There is nothing I can’t stand more, is a closed minded person. The artists I have networked with have shown me a new and positive side of humanity….And for that, I am grateful.

The “Modest Mermaid” drawing above is one of my first drawings. I have a fascination with mermaids for some reason. They are just so beautiful to me.

I also love to do Mixed Media collage. Combining bits of old and new to create a whole new piece is so thrilling for me. Taking a blank white canvas to a menagerie of ephemera, paint and anything else I can find is a creative rush that I can’t explain.

Below are two Mixed Media Collages that I have done:


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