MY NEW PAPERBACK NOW AVAILABLE! – “Our Angels Await, Stories of Love from Beyond”

"Our Angels Await Stories of Love from Beyond" by Lora Mercado

“Our Angels Await
Stories of Love from Beyond” by Lora Mercado

After several years of gathering stories and learning the ins and outs of self publishing a book, I FINALLY DID IT!! The paperback version of “Our Angels Await, Stories of Love from Beyond” by Lora C. Mercado is complete and available for purchase online! I will be releasing an e-book version very soon as well. I am so excited about this, it has been a long time coming. “Our Angels Await, Stories of Love from Beyond”

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Just Published! “The Enigmatic Tarot”

shop Banner SM

The Enigmatic Tarot is a set of 22 Major Arcana cards that I designed with vintage postcards, photos and ephemera in my collection. I also used a few vintage images in the public domain that I altered.

To see more, check them out here:

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Vintage Goodies at the Resale Shop

For under $6.00 today, I bought these two vintage professionally framed prints, and three old encyclopedias from 1956 that are FULL of amazing art and photos to use in my collage projects. I found these treasures at a local resale shop near my home. 🙂


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In Memory of September 11, 2001

My thoughts are of all the victims, families and first responders from this tragic day. May God bless you and ease your pain.


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Excite Your Spirit!

This is powerful and true… and also the reason that I have so many projects going! Haa! 🙂


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One Household Item that Cleans Cat Stains!


I have an older cat that has a sensitive stomach. I also have light carpet in most of my house, which presents a big problem with stains when my kitty gets sick in little spots all over the house. Last night, my poor little guy did just that. None of the cleaners I had removed the stains… Then I had a thought… If peroxide removes blood stains, I bet it will remove vomit stains. I poured some on the stain and let it sit a minute, then scrubbed it in and soaked up the excess. The stains are GONE!… Who knew?? The best part is that it is super cheap!

I didn’t try this on dark carpet, so test it first. 😉

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Meet artist Brabant Lenting!

Brabant Lenting

I wanted to introduce you to my friend and fellow artist, Brabant Lenting. He is a fabulous painter that I met a few years ago through Paul Henry’s Art Gallery in Hammond, Indiana. Brabant paints gorgeous abstract pieces using various mediums. His works are always soothing for me to look at. Along with being an incredible artist, he also shines with intelligence, positivity and kindness…a true Renaissance man.

Below is an excerpt from Brabant’s website:

“The art behind the man: Brabant works in mixed media of oil and acrylics lavished upon textures of papers and canvas. He uses a methodology of subtractive and spontaneous random marks, eliminating the original images to render a ghost. A unique process, ever demanding with never the same form emerging. An abstract artist in the purest sense.

The man behind the artist: Brabant Lenting was born February 2, 1946 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, South Brabant, Netherlands. He grew up early from the lineage of Hieronymus Bosch (c.1450), the famed artist who took his name from the Dutch town, and imbibed the sense of an international and eccentric painter. Studying the arts at (SAIC) School of Arts Institute in Chicago, IL. USA he grew into his own with influences from the movements of Cobra in Europe and ABEX in the United States. He states that rumbles exist in his work of the abstract color field painter Roland Ginzel with whom he studied, along with Christina Ramberg.

Brabant is a founding member of the Blue Zone Artist and current member of the Blue Gallery. Pieces from four decades of art is currently housed in many corporate and private collections including the McDonald’s Art Collection in Chicago. The Mars Gallery of Chicago, the AIR Gallery in New York, and Ronelle Ashby Fine Arts at Sarasota Florida among others represent his art.

When not in the studio, Brabant enjoys fine dining and traveling. Of easy going nature, he may be found traveling the area by bike or car. And attending a messily long list of gallery showings, openings and events.”

Brabant is having an exhibit with another of my friends, Dawn Diamantopoulos starting September 14, 2013 at Paul Henry’s Art Gallery in Hammond, Indiana. The show is entitled, “Intimate Persuasions: Small Works by Dawn Diamantopoulos and Brabant Lenting.” Over fifty small scale pieces by each artist will be on display.

Intimate Persuasions

Be sure to check out Brabant Lenting’s website and blog here: – Website – Blog

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A Verse for Moms…

I found this online and it is so true. Motherhood is the hardest but most fulfilling thing in the world. I am so blessed to have had my babies.

Mom Verse

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Meet artist Dawn Diamantopoulos

Dawn Diamontopoulos

I met Dawn several years ago when I started exhibiting my photos in a local gallery in my area called Studio 659. I find her artwork to be very soothing and unique. She is a very talented artist and a very nice person with a heart of gold. I wanted to take the time to share her artwork with you, so you can enjoy it as well.

The following is an excerpt taken from her bio on her website: “Dawn was raised in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, which she happily left, to attend college at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. She received a BFA in Fine Arts in 1992, having majored in Fine Arts – Printmaking and minored in the History of Art. Feeling a bit jaded and world-weary with New York City, she relocated to Southern California. She continued drawing, painting, and photographing. Her “real job” eventually brought her to Chicago, where she stopped creating artwork and started creating a family. She has lived in Northwest Indiana for a dozen years with her husband and two sons.

Four years ago she began creating artwork again, which she fully credits with keeping her almost sane. Her artwork often revolves around memories, both good and bad. More recently, her paintings are about the disconnect between expectations and realities. Her most recent artwork is a series of mixed media work titled Alternate Realities. The production of these pieces has been funded through a grant from the Indiana Arts Commission and was featured in a solo exhibition at South Shore Arts in Crown Point, Indiana. Developing from this is the series of mixed media drawings Conversations in my Head.”

Dawn is having an exhibit with another of my friends, Brabant Lenting starting September 14, 2013 at Paul Henry’s Art Gallery in Hammond, Indiana. The show is entitled, “Intimate Persuasions: Small Works by Dawn Diamantopoulos and Brabant Lenting.” Over fifty small scale pieces by each artist will be on display.

Intimate Persuasions Exhibit

If you would like to see more of Dawn’t work, please check out her blog here: and you can check out her website here:

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Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists

One of my favorite books in my collection of mixed media art is “Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed Media Artists” by Ann Baldwin. I bought this book two years ago, and am still enthralled with all of the creative ideas I get when I look through it. It is filled with tons of ideas that can be applied to art journaling or for canvas art that is hung on the wall.

It is perfect for the beginner or a seasoned mixed media artist due to the plethora of ideas and techniques featured throughout the 144 pages. There are details on the supplies needed to create these projects as well as composition, abstract design and layering techniques. Also featured is a chapter on working with encaustic materials and using photos in mixed media paintings.

Below is a Christmas collage that I created using the ideas from this book. Prints of this collage can be found in my Etsy shop. Just click on the photo and it will take you there. 🙂

Naughty or Nice - Santa Collage Print

Naughty or Nice – Santa Collage Print

Click the link below to check out this amazing book for yourself. Your creative juices will thank you. 😉

Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists: Experimental Techniques for Composition, Layering, Texture, Imagery, and Encaustic

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