Kindle Version of my new book, “Our Angels Await, Stories of Love from Beyond”

"Our Angels Await Stories of Love from Beyond" by Lora Mercado

“Our Angels Await
Stories of Love from Beyond” by Lora Mercado

The Kindle version to my new book has just been released. I am so excited! Please check it out here:

After the death of her infant son, Lora Mercado began receiving significant signs from her child from the other side. These signs were so obvious, she felt that others must be receiving signs from their loved ones as well. Over several years, she collected stories from across the globe about incredible encounters that people have had with ones dear to their heart, after they passed away. These stories will astound you and leave you with a comforting warmth, that the ones that we love never really leave our side, and are always encouraging us along the way.

This book is so near and dear to my heart. I can die a happy woman, knowing that I finally completed this, and that my son’s memory will live on after I am gone. 🙂

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